Chapter 3: New Tools

Big idea: Web 2.0 changed the internet from read-only to jump in and participate. Some ways to jump in are:

  • Start tagging as a way of organizing the glut of information you need to keep track of. Learn how to tag at or diigo
  • Really Simple Syndication (RSS) can alert you to new content posted on your favorite sites. is a site that will show you a video on RSS feeds.
  • Blogs. English teachers are starting blogs where students can can discuss literature, ask questions, and comment on what they have read. Blogging is a way of establishing a community outside of the classroom.
  • Podcasts. I love the word of the day podcast we saw in class. is a link to a podcast about the NE Metro Career and Technical Center, where I teach.
  • Wikis. This page is a wiki. I'm starting a wiki on Photoshop tutorials students find that they'd like to share.
  • Social bookmarking. I have 2 computers at home and 5 that I use at work. With social bookmarking I can get all of my bookmarks from all of my computers in one place. Teachers could use it to point students to certain web sites they want students to visit.
  • Photo sharing. Why pay Walgreens to print your photos when you can store them in albums in the cloud and your family and friends can print their own or else just view them online? Flickr is popular. My students love Deviant Art.
  • Video. YouTube. TeacherTube. Digital storytelling is a hot topic. Here's the url for my digital story about being a mom to a daughter who has autism:
  • Spreadsheets. You don't need Microsoft Office anymore now that you can do it all on Googledocs. You can share documents with others.
  • Search enginges: Google vs.Grokker. I grokked myself and the third hit was my web site. I found myself on the third page of Google, but not my web site. Hmmm, I might start grokking more often. See below.
  • Efolio. I think everyone should have them. Kids under 18 have their portfolios password protected. Go to to sign up.
  • Open source software, free, legal applications. This is one of the really good things going on in the world right now.

Links from this chapter:

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