Chapter 9 new school

Review Chapter 9
New Schools

The real issue is what we should do with these technologies for the future of teaching and learning. What should we expect from our new schools?
It was this quote from the beginning of the chapter that drew me in.
What is the expectation for what the author termed technology-infused teaching and learning?
Then the author proceeds to give ideas and strategies he believes may happen.
Harnessing the collective Intelligence of Education data
In this a smart web based software tracks the student and recommends lessons, sites resources that fit the individual’s strength. Analyzing data and giving the preferences to the student. In some since this has arrived. The data obsession and the strands of test data that show the strengths and weakness of students over a span of 6 year as the student take the same computer generated MAP test two times a year. Teachers look at this data and can target teaching.
The long tail of educational materials
Using a business theory applied to education that teachers who are offer limitless choice for educational material can choose better materials rather than staying with text books.
For myself I am not attracted to this theory. A good peer reviewed source is a resource. On the other hand I can get lost and befuddled in a video store with unlimited selection.
I am finding that I want to limit the number of decision
The vision and the reality
A view of interconnectivity though blogs and wikis from student up thru superintendent.
Polls and surveys
The belief in the polls that there will be a loss in privacy. This piece has already happening and that place will be less important for schools students will work more collaboratively. But I would add with the testing and data driven enviroment, third grader needs to fit into the third grade red box.
What if teacher could choose the software tailored to the students needs. The organizational structure of public schools is top down. I do not see this happening.
Proffessional Development
Complete online professional development. This I do not see but rather a high bred.
Towards a smarter futurer and Broadband
Yes the broadband communication act is making a difference. And the technology is now imbedded in the culture.
Will we become a nation of haves and have not high speed intenet.
Classrooms are changing and teachers have too much to do. I do think change does happen when three of the following are present it is easier, higher quality, faster and cheaper. And yes some incoming student are adept at some technologies.
Brainstorming about schools
What is the future with Web 2.0 technology? Who does have the control and the direction.