Smart Cards

List common software/web apps used with students in schools. If you are particularly interested in creating a Smart Card about one of the applications, put your name next to it.

I wrote a grant for webcams for each building in our district. I created a Smart Card booklet to explain how to download the software and start using the camera. Chris Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 Guide.doc

This is an introduction to Adobe Illustrator CS3 that I wrote for students and TIES: from Connie Baker

Creating a Google Account and using GoogleDocs - by Gail Harris

by Heather

Since I am working with teachers of elementary students who are teaching basic Microsoft Office tools I wanted to develop a series of smart cards that would help the teachers and also be at a level most 1st - 5th grade students could access on their own. I am also teaching students in grades 3-5 how to search the online databases we have available to them at the school. Here are a couple examples:

Charlie Christopherson, I am responsible for starting students on the password network login. A Basic help sheet

- Karen Bauer

by Matthew