Technology Integration Elevator Speech

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Karen Bauer's Elevator Speech:

Connie Baker's speech: mine sells the value of my school because all I do iin class is teach technology:

Chris Carlson's Elevator Speech – for teachers
Technology has been a big push in our district over the past few years. The administration has been encouraging our teachers to integrate more technology into their classrooms. The difficulty has been getting the teachers to see the possibilities and the importance of students using technology to share their knowledge. This is why I decided to write a speech I will see if I can share with teachers.

Heather's Speech - My speech is for the teachers in my building. Our district recently revised our TechWorks curriculum. This speech stresses the importance of
integrating the TechWorks curriculum and technology.

Charlie Christopherson

Andrea's Elevator Speech - Informal Elevator Speech to start the conversation with a school administrator about the importance of technology for student learning.

Matthew Martin -