Technology Leadership Activities

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Karen Bauer - Troubleshooting in the Computer Lab Handout - and Summary -
Connie Baker's Acrobat and E-folio presentation
ISD 13 - Internet Tools for Readers Workshop- Gail Harris, Heather Kopp, Andrea Anderson, Matthew Martin

Andrea's reflections
Technology Integration - Matthew and Heather

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Karen Bauer Screencast Link -
Karen Bauer Screencast Summary -

Technology-enhanced Lesson: - Videos can be submitted on DVD to avoid conflicts
Karen Bauer "Tech enhanced Lesson" - Video submitted on DVD due to student privacy issues
Karen Bauer "Tech Enhanced Lesson Summary" - Summary
Matthew Martin - Tech Enhanced Lesson (username: nemen, password: nemen)

Karen Bauer "Coaching Video" - Submitted on DVD due to shy teachers -
Karen Bauer "Coaching Template" -
Karen Bauer "Coaching Reflection" -
Gail Harris - using Excel pie charts to develop number sense
Gail Harris videos - Exel pie chart lesson, coaching, smart cards on Googledocs Coaching reflection .
Chris Carlson-
Andrea Anderson -
Heather Kopp -
Matthew Martin -