Website Links

Add the link to the website or wiki that you set up to share information with colleagues back in your school/district.
Gordon Donnelly
Gail Harris - Readers Workshop
Gail Harris - 2.0 Tools
Gail Harris - Media Center Home Page(Unfortunately, at this time, our district is not to link to 2.0 tools. However, I can email my blog URL's and staff are allowed access under their logins. I also plan to continuously add the tools that staff request to the "tecreflect" blog. Currently, we are alligning Readers Workshop. So that isnin the forefront at the moment.)
Connie Baker: My students are working on developing websites for our teachers.

Karen Bauer - Media Center Blog

Andrea Anderson - Valley View Media Center I have the same situation as Gail does at my Media Center. I hope to add more as I am allowed. The link below is an igoogle I put together for teachers.

Andrea Anderson - VVTechTutor

Heather Kopp - Highland Media Center I have the same situation as Gail and Andrea in my media center. I hope to add more to the media center page as I am allowed. I am currently in the process of revising it. I have also shared my E2T2 blog with the staff.

JJohn Glenn Media Center Web Page
Charlie Christopherson. Within my district no web 2.0 tools are not allowed the only communication within district is district e-mail. Web 2.0, Wikis blogs personal e-mail are blocked.

Chris Carlson - I created a website correlated to the second grade curriculum standards that provides internet links for math, science, social studies and science. Teachers and students can use these sites at school or home to practice skills. Second Grade Resources

In May, after my peer coaching observations are complete, I will be finishing a site that will provide links to free downloads, tutorials and resources for teachers. I have created the page to link to our district staff development page, but won’t publish it until it is complete.

Matthew Martin: [[ |Closed Homepage]] Unfortunately, around the time of our last meeting I received word that the district wouldn't allow websites of my sort in connection with the district. I had to post this message to my parents. However, I keep the webpage open to the kiddos in the classroom because it offers great resources and links to safe games for them to play.